Goat Spays at Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Drs Eileen Hackett and Tim Holt of the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital are proud to announce an opportunity for goat owners with goats needing to be "spayed". They have pioneered a procedure using a laporascope.  With this instrument the spays (removal of the ovaries or ovaries and uterus) will be far less invasive and the healing time will be shortened. To date only pygmy goats have had the surgery but the veterinarians believe that any size goat is a candidate.

Female goats may need to be spayed are spayed (removal of their ovaries or ovaries and uterus) in one of three situations.

  1. Juvenile female goats as a preventive for development of reproductive tract cancer (similar to dogs),
  2. Juvenile female goats with behavior problems,
  3. Any age female goat with mastitis thought to be hormone associated.  

The cost of the surgery will be $150. Because the goats will need to stay in the hospital for three days, the total bill will be approximately $450.

Please call the CSU Large Animal Clinic (970) 297-5000) and ask for Drs Eileen Hackett or Tim Holt to make an appointment. The hospital is located in Fort Collins at 300 W. Drake Rd


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